Anchor Baptist Church Tent Meeting

Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting

We are excited to invite you to¬† attend an Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting this summer in Astoria, Oregon. Pastors from local area are coming prepared to preach the Word of God under the big tent in this open air meeting. Don’t miss this great opportunity to bring your family to the most important event happening on the coast this year. Friend, every person need to have the assurance that Heaven is their home. If you are not 100% sure you are going to Heaven when you die, you need to know Jesus today!

The map to the left shows the location of our tent meeting at 809 W. Marine Dr in Astoria. Parking is available at Dairy Queen, Astoria Dry Cleaners, and Re/Max in W. Marine Dr. Please bring a mask. Hand sanitizer is provided and touch-less thermometers will be used to take temperatures of attendees to ensure our meeting is safe.


There is no charge to attend the tent meeting and we invite everyone to attend. Many have given to make this possible and we are thankful for their sacrifice!

Meeting at:
the Astoria Christian Church

1151 Harrison Ave
Astoria, OR 97103
Services at 1 PM Sunday

Mailing Address
PO BOX 1154