Pastor Byers was saved at the young age of five years old. His dad led him to Jesus Christ and his parents consistently brought him to church. Kevin felt the Lord calling him to preach at seventeen and met his sweetheart in Bible school. They have been married for over twenty-four years and have five wonderful boys living at home. Kevin served in the Air Force and deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom separating honorably with the rank of Staff Sergeant in 2005. The Byers family served as missionaries to Germany for seven years reaching US military families, Germans, Persians, and many other people groups for Christ. Pastor Byers loves spending time with his wife and children, singing with the family, playing guitar, hunting, fishing, and enjoying time outdoors. His passion is the Bible and winning people to Jesus Christ.

Stacy is a wonderful wife, mother, homemaker, and a tremendous help to Anchor Baptist Church. Mrs. Byers was a young fourteen-year-old girl when she gave her heart to Jesus. She enjoys coffee, watching the ocean, crafts, coffee, reading, and spending time with her family. She also enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning. Stacy’s passion is devotion to Christ which is manifested in her devotion to her husband and children. 

Kevin and Stacy have five boys who still live at home and are a great blessing to the ministry. They all enjoy a wide range of hobbies like hiking, mushroom hunting, basketball, wrestling, computer games, swimming, kayaking, reading, bike riding, and motorcycle riding. Each one has personally accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour.